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Error: "Report contains no data. Try altering the filter conditions and re-run the report" when filtering for Client Partner

This support note applies to:

  • AE Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AE Practice Manager (AU)



Article ID: 32174

In MYOB Practice Manager (AE PM), you may see the error "Report contains no data. Try altering the filter conditions and re-run the report" when running reports that are filtered for a particular Client Partner.

To resolve this issue, you will need to edit your report via the Edit Layout section in the Change Report tab.


To access the Edit layout section of report
  1. Click the Reports icon. The Report page appears.
  2. From the Task Bar, click the reporting area, for example Client and then the Reporting sub-area, for example Client List.

  3. Select the relevant report title and click Edit. The Change Report - Client Listing page appears for example.
  4. Click the Edit Layout icon. The Report Designer - Client - Client Listing page appears for example.

    You can hover your mouse over each of these icons to see the names of the icons.

  5. Make a change in the report layout, for example, click the logo and with your arrow keys, move the logo one character to the left and then one character to the right.
  6. To exit the report, right-click the Report Designer tab and select Close. At the Save changes prompt, answer Yes.
  7. At the Save Report layout prompt, we recommend that you select Save as a new report and update the report title and add a report description and click OK.
  8.  Re-run the new report and check the filters now work.

It's safer to Save as a new report when you make changes via the Report Designer. You can always delete earlier versions of a report once you have confirmed the revised report changes are correct. Alternatively, you can backup your report before making any changes to it. Refer to Backing up a report re: KB 34547: Backup up and re-importing customised Smart Reports

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