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Trustees' Declaration report defaulting date to 30 June 2015 instead of the financial year end date

This support note applies to:

  • AO Classic General Ledger (AU)
Article ID: 38964

In MYOB Accountants Office Classic General Ledger (AO GL) version 17.0.5, you may experience the date at point 1 of the Trustees' Declaration defaults to 30 June 2015 instead of the financial year end date when generating a Trustees' Declaration.

This issue occurs as the date formula is missing from the report memo.

To resolve this issue, edit Report 8810 - Trustee's Declaration at Line ID 110 to display the formula [Date:YETY] instead of the text 30 June 2015.

To amend the Trustee's Declaration
  1. Open the AO General Ledger and from the Reports menu, select Edit Customised Financial Report Definitions. The Edit Customised Financial Report Definitions window opens.
  2. Press F4. The Adding a New Customised Report window opens.
  3. Enter 8810 in the Report ID field The report ID is entered.
  4. Enter Trustees' Declaration in Report Description. The report description is added.
  5. Select Copy an existing report. The copy fields become active.
  6. Select ZZAU18 - Trust in the Copy from Ledger field. The ZZAU18 - Trust master is selected.
  7. From the Report to Copy drop-down list select 8810 - Trustees' Declaration and click OK to add the report. The Modify Customised Report Details screen appears.
  8. Select the Lines tab. The report design appears.
  9. Double-click line 110. The Report Line Details window appears.
  10. Replace the date 30 June 2015 in the Memo Text field with the formula [Date:YETY]. The correct Year End This Year date will appear in the Trustee's Declaration.
  11. Click Close. The Report Line Details window closes.
  12. Click Close. The changes are saved and the report is added to the customised list.
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