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V17 and V21 after rolling over a prior year return

This support note applies to:

  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
  • AE Tax (AU)
Article ID: 23371

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Tax after installing the latest tax release, you may experience the following once a prior year return is rolled over.

  • V17 & V21:  This error is received when validating a return after rolling over.  The V17 references the agent code, agent phone number, tax agent registration number and agent name and the V21 references an invalid tax agent number.
  • Lodgment Benchmark Homepage - Agent details:  Agent details are blank.

To resolve this you will need to refresh the tax agent details entered in the Control Record and to clear the error.  By performing this refresh process, when this is done once it will resolve the issue in all returns as you rollover.

MYOB recommends and provides the following instructions so that you can check that your post process window is active and then refreshing the data in the return.

Ensure the post process window is active

Perform the following instructions for the platform that you use:


    To refresh the Tax return

    Perform the following instructions from within the affected 2014 tax return.

    1. Follow the menu path: Utilities > Control record. The Control Record Properties window opens.
    2. Click the Names/Audit tab. The details of this tab appear.
    3. If the Names/Audit tab has data present in all of the fields; tab through all the fields in this display. If the Names/Audit tab does not have data present in some or all of the fields in this display; enter the required information.
    4. Click OK. The tax return appears.
    5. Press F3 or the Validate 
      icon. The validation errors no longer appear.
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