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Error: "WARNING - OUT OF BALANCE" on the general ledger report

This support note applies to:

  • AO Classic General Ledger (AU)
Article ID: 24742

In MYOB Accountants Office Classic General Ledger you may experience an warning message "WARNING - OUT OF BALANCE" when generating a general ledger report.

This warning message can occur due to the complex nature of report writing and cents rounding. As the reports are designed to exclude the cents from the reports, sometimes this causes an out of balance amount in the total figures.

 Following are suggestions will assist to resolve the warning message.

Option 1
  1. In the client's general ledger, from the Reports menu, select Report Rounding Configuration.

  2. Click the Use automatic Rounding Error adjustment radio button.

  3. Enter 479 in the to field of the Account Range column.

  4. Enter 309 in the corresponding field of the Round to Account column.

  5. On the next line, enter 999 in the to field of the Account Range column and 680 in the corresponding field of the Round to Account column.

This function can also be disabled when printing the financial reports. Reports > Print Financial Reports > Step 5 - Report Options > Disable Rounding Adjustment.
Option 2
  1. Where the amount out of balance relates to a specific account, check the account type in the Account File Maintenance window. From the General Ledger menu, select Accounts Maintenance.

  2. The account type could be set as an expense or revenue account, where it should be set up as an Asset, Liability or Capital account.

If the account type is incorrect, this could also affect the Profit/Loss of the ledger. Ensure that any distribution of profit journals is also updated to reflect the correct profit/loss amount.
Option 3
At Step 5 - Reporting Options after having selected Reports > Print Financial Reports select Force printing of cents checkbox. This will print cents in the report.
Option 4

Preview the report with the warning message and send it to Microsoft Word to edit out the warning message.

For more detailed information regarding sending reports to Word, please refer to Exporting financial reports from General Ledger to Word

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